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Mothers’ Day tribute

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Turtle Time

To add to our list of found animals around our house we have found a turtle.  I would guess that it is a snapping turtle because of it’s cranky snaps at us.  It was not afraid to go after us, it never went and hid in its shell.  Despite the fact that we knew he couldn’t get us, EVERY time Darrick tried to pick it up it’s snap really made him nervous enough to let go.  Here are some pics of the adventure!

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Leave comments after viewing website!!

I get lots of e-mails with comments after viewing the website, I thought I’d share with anyone interested that you are able to leave comments right here on the page by clicking on "comments" or "trackbacks" in the column on the right side of my home page.  It would be nice to hear from anyone!


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Our new website!

Hopefully this will be the start of an updated, useful guide to our families goings and doings.  We’ll do our best to keep our favorite pictures on here and tales of new news!

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